‘These will truly make you feel like a brand new person’: Simple stretches to ‘fix your posture’.

Even if you workout everyday, lift weights and do explosive cardio, you will probably not be able to reap all the benefits from your exercise routine if your posture isn’t correct and you aren’t stretched well.

Most people tend to spend hours on end on laptops, working from the bed, or the sofa, hunched over the phone, all of which contribute to bad posture in the long run. So, it is imperative to have a good stretching routine — either independently or after a workout — to ensure correct posture and keep injuries at bay. Some stretches also help in fixing and even bettering your posture, like the ones shared by fitness coach Zoe Modgill which, as she put it, “will truly make you feel like a brand new person.”

Zoe shared a video of a few easy but calming stretches that are especially good for new mothers.

Here’s a breakdown of all the stretches, and how to get them right:

Wall downward dog; hold for 20 seconds

Imitate the downward dog pose but with your hands on a wall, back perpendicular to the ground, and feet grounded on the floor.

Upside down 90 degree; for 20 seconds

Place your arms upside down against a wall or glass window, keeping your elbows at 90 degrees.

Overhead shoulder stretch; 20 seconds

Reach your hands on the top of the wall, away from you, with your fingers facing the sky on an angle.

Hands in prayer; for 20 seconds

Following the same posture as the first stretch, simply join your hands in a prayer.

Crossover; for 20 seconds

Criss cross your arms in front of you and hold onto something for support. Repeat on the other side.

Lateral reach; for 20 seconds

Touch the wall with one hand, reaching for it laterally with the other arm, triceps over your ears. Repeat on the other side.

Chest stretch; for 20 seconds

Face away from the wall and stand at an arm’s distance. Then, reach out and touch the wall with your hands at the back.

Overhead tricep stretch; for 20 seconds

Keep your arms straight up above you, then bend them at the elbow and try to touch your back, keeping the elbow pointing towards the sky. Remember to not hunch your neck forward.


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