Special transfer window for return of Polish players to their homeland opened.

Polska Liga Siatkówki and PZPS have modified their rules in order to help Polish players return from war-affected Ukraine, as well as Russia and Belarus (their clubs are suspended by the FIVB and CEV), allowing them to play in PlusLiga and TAURON Liga for the remainder of the season.

The standard transfer window in 2021/22 in the Polish professional leagues closed on January 31, 2022. After that, only the so-called medical transfers were allowed. So, if some Polish players are forced to terminate their contracts or decide to terminate contracts themselves with the clubs in the 3 above-mentioned countries, they will be able, as an exception, to play in the men’s and women’s top divisions in Poland.

Certainly, the most prominent Polish players that might return to play in the home country for the rest of the 2021/22 season are national team members Bartosz Bednorz (Zenit-Kazan, Russia), Artur Szalpuk (Epitsentr-Podoliany, Ukraine), and Malwina Smarzek (Lokomotiv, Russia).

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