Six Essential Design Tips For Apple Watch App Development

The live streaming industry has grown by 99% between April 2019 and April 2020. You can use different authorization methods starting from the classic one by email and finishing with social network account authorization. A well-thought-out onboarding in your mobile product allows you to help users quickly understand how your app works.

Streaming App Development Helpful Tips

Shine has built-in mechanisms that help engage users in achieving daily goals. For example, the app sends you a notification every morning with a meditation podcast relevant to your goal. The competition for mobile users’ attention is very harsh, as there are over 2.7 million apps in the Google Play store and 2.2 million in the App Store. Extended streaming features – You can consider adding in features like filters or screen sharing, which unlocks more innovative ways of using the app.

Tools & Technologies Used In Live Streaming Development

But now the technology has come a long way and is applicable in different areas. It is growing at a significant rate, and is expected to accumulate $20 billion in revenue by 2024. Blockchain is also playing a pivotal role in mobile app development.

Streaming App Development Helpful Tips

There are 3 main ways to make a profit out of your streaming service. There are services that offer cooking, yoga, sporting events, concerts, and even nature sounds streaming & so much more. In fact, the scope of online streaming how to create a live streaming app is much broader than some people assume. The discussion would rather be regarded as incomplete if we don’t touch the pricing section of the Live Video Streaming Apps after getting through the development process.

Education App Development

You’ll have to make much more effort to win advertisers’ attention. And they use Twitch as a platform to promote their services and products. Video streaming website (after all, intuitive, user-friendly, clear UI leads to better UX, which is crucial).

Streaming App Development Helpful Tips

A traditional television requires the users to get a D2H cable set up the connection, and the user has to have a television to set it up. Live broadcasting apps are arguably the most popular type of live-streaming apps. The app allows users to broadcast live recordings of videos and sound to others who have access to the stream. These apps have given birth to scores of internet influencers and celebrities. This feature allows users to watch their favorite movies, videos, and other types of content available on your platform. It can play back videos on-demand or allow watching live streaming.

In turn, WebRTC allows exchanging data between two different browsers. Their services are priced separately and are NOT INCLUDED in this estimate. Security is an important milestone for live streaming, but unfortunately is is often underestimated. Advanced security practices can protect video data from breaches and data losses.

Do you want to digitize your brick & mortar retail store and go online? HBO has always been one of the most popular channels to watch action movies. With HBO classics like Deadwood and The Sopranos, the audiences are different from those watching Disney Plus.

Over the years, the industry has grown to a great extent as almost every person nowadays owns a smartphone and has access to the internet. Traditional television does not offer as much variety as VODs. However, they do not make or break your project and if you have no tech background, you don’t have to know the answers to them. These are all problems that can be solved after a couple of conversations with an experienced project manager or a developer. Onboarding, in-app messaging, and remarketing are other ways to ensure high user retention.

Diverse Streaming Functionality

That is why many teachers or lecturers are conduction live doubt clearing and mistakes clarifying sessions. Here students are able to communicate with the faculty and clear their problem easily. Here ends the business part of how to create a live streaming app. Let’s dive into the technical part for the development of a live streaming app. Not only this, but one can also stream live content right on their mobile phone these days from any part of the world.

All you need to think about now is redirecting your audience from the third-party app to your new custom app. To learn about the benefits of streaming platforms and learn about the most popular services, read our dedicated article. In order to stream, the digital media that is being played on the device needs to be stored remotely on the cloud platform or content provider’s server. Then, the data travels from the location of storage in sections called “packets” rather than all at the same time.

Dare we say that almost every streaming service has some type of video and/or audio content. Keep in mind, all of the information mentioned in this article applies to both streaming websites and mobile apps. In this section, we’ll review the main features of an on-demand streaming service. They offer on-demand yoga classes for various muscle groups and of different formats & lengths.

Streaming App Development Helpful Tips

In Q1 2020, Spotify subscriptions have already resulted in about 1.4 billion euros income and the numbers are projected to increase because of growing demand. Push notifications make customers informed about current events in app, new recommended tracks, or updates concerning friends’ or favorite performers’ streaming activities. TypeScript is a programming language designed by Microsoft covering both client-side and server-side development. We started working with Concettolabs due to the influx of work on mobile and frontend (React.js). Good, consistent communication and good quality of work means they may be our first choice for many projects to come.

After the trend of playing music through CDs was gone, the shift turned towards getting the songs downloaded into smartphones or other devices for easy access. This feature provides an option to review and rate the content they have just watched. Token security prevents access to the videos of a 3rd-party source without your approval. You can charge other companies for running video advertisements on your platform. Still, this monetization strategy would only work if your platform will become famous among users.

Instagram Live

But, something else, it’s anything but worth their time and energy. Many live streamers love the feeling of being ‘at the time’ and connecting with family, companions, or even a worldwide crowd. Switch Board – One of the most exclusive features of Switch Board is that it allows to let you to stream to all the platforms you can think of. OBS Studio – It is the only completely free app on this list. However, the app offers you such features that many other apps offer in their paid version. A high-performance stream delivers high-quality video and audio.

  • This is the very feature that is quite popular among users of renowned streaming services like Netflix and Spotify.
  • This service has a fee that depends on the amount of donations streamers received during a calendar month.
  • So, building Apple Watch apps is an exciting experience but full of challenges.
  • All broadcasts are hosted by streamers who use different applications divided into several types.
  • Later, it gets divided into smaller chunks, compressed, and ciphered before the content delivery network sends it to the viewers.

We also saw Google launching new features to its Maps app that uses AI to enhance user experience. One such feature is Live view that offers users AR navigation in large indoor spaces. Google also uses AI to suggest less carbon-intensive routes by optimizing directions for lower fuel consumption. Of course, online streaming games needed a powerful platform, and Twitch had become one.

Before planning to make a music streaming app, you should know about the prime competitors in the market. Netflix and HBO show us that entertainment streaming services are very profitable. The audience is big enough to accommodate a new streaming provider. Now, let us look at the steps on how to start a business like Netflix and estimate the app development cost.

There are various well-known applications for creating live videos such as Periscope, Meerkat, and other applications that offer the best live video streaming services. It requires the best professionals to meet all your business needs and goals. Television has become a bygone with the introduction of On-demand video streaming apps.

Besides determining a viable platform for streaming the content, you’ll need to create great UI/UX for the app. The early feedback will set you on the right path when building the live app. Besides, you may already secure your first group of beta users. However, by doing so, you will actually reduce the overall project cost. Qualified IT specialists will help you find the optimal technical solution, work faster, and make a lot fewer mistakes.

Livestreaming App Screens

First things first, what needs to be done is choosing the appropriate viable platform for the development of the application. The knowledge of Minimum Viable Product will be helpful during the early stages of the designing process. There is always debate over pirated or plagiarized videos which often leads to the infringement of the copyrights. Therefore, the developers need to ensure to provide adequate security to the apps to avert such situations. The development team involved in a project usually consists of the same professionals usually included in any app design.

Design The Unique App Idea

At Uptech, we have experience building a functional live streaming app – Yaza. It’s a real estate app for recording and sharing video home tours. We passed all stages of product development, starting from Discovery to product launch. So it’s safe to say that the Uptech team knows how to make a live streaming app. You could have dozens of ideas that you’ll want to implement in your live video streaming app, but the best way to test it out is to build live-streaming app.

Offline music availability can become a nice bonus feature to your app functionality engaging even more users. Properly designed business strategy makes a great deal for your app’s future success. Entering the market is extremely challenging, as good idea is not enough. To hit the niche, one must develop elaborated marketing model ensuring quick and efficient user engagement.

The video library is one of the most used features of the application. Users should be able to access the online video library quickly and browse through titles alphabetically or as per genres. Even before the arrival of the coronavirus crisis, video-on-demand services were on the rise. The upsurge in smartphone users, increasing 4G penetration, and availability of good content attracted the potential audiences.


The success of your streaming app will largely depend on a streaming engine you choose to integrate with. First and foremost, to be profitable any app must be attractive for its users. User Interface Design on par with User Experience Design are the crucial elements in every streaming app.

This post will give you three tips to make your stream a success. Decide how you will monetize your service – through ads, subscriptions, sponsored episodes, or other. This experience is a captivating game-changer for all, but particularly for gaming enthusiasts. Facebook has already launched Oculus, a collaborative VR platform for gamers.

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