Say goodbye to stress with this ‘one minute’ yoga asana.

In today’s time, stress has become a part of our lives, and it is of utmost importance to deal with it. Stress not only hampers our day-to-day activities, but adversely affects our health as well. So, here is a simple asana that can help relieve stress.

Malaika Arora, who regularly gives a peek into her fitness routine, recently shared a video of one-minute-yoga to ease stress. The actor performed the Marjariasana, which is also known as the cat-cow pose.

Calling it “yoga for the mind and body”, she said, “If you are anything like me, I’m sure your Monday starts with thoughts about the week. You think about everything you have to achieve and things you need to do to achieve them. This causes involuntarily stress.”

Marjaryasana Bitilasana or the cat-cow pose is a fusion of two stretches that help the spine, body, and mind. This asana requires you to inhale and exhale while thrusting your back upwards and downwards with each cycle. The yoga pose is done on all fours.

“This pose, done at any time of the day can relax and ease stress thoroughly. Try it this week and let me know if you felt calmer,” said Malaika as she explained the benefits of the yoga pose.

Agreeing, Kratika Singh Parmar, a yoga instructor, told, “As per the name, this yoga posture is inspired by the cat stretch, giving your body the ever relaxing feline stretch.”

Calling the yoga pose “simple” and “beneficial”, she added, “This asana improves the flexibility of neck, shoulder, and spine. It gently tones the female reproductive system, giving relief from menstrual cramps and leucorrhea,”

She suggested that the pose “may safely and gently be practised during pregnancy“.’

“Overall this simple asana is packed with great value for your body, mind, and sleep,” Kratika concluded.

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