RUS W: Gamova – “I’m ashamed and afraid“

One of the most prominent female players in the history of Russian volleyball, Ekaterina Gamova, is one of the rare athletes from this country that spoke publicly, let alone condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Gamova, a 2-time European and world champion (MVP in the 2010 World Champs) each in the jersey of the Russia National Team, said something that surprised many given that athletes from this country haven’t been going out much in public with statements about the ongoing war in Ukraine. A 41-year-old Russian volleyball legend posted the following words on her Instagram: “This shameful page will forever remain in the history of my country… I never imagined that Russia would attack a European state, bomb, and shoot. The whole world is now against Russia, it imposes sanctions. They don’t want to see us in their countries, they want to isolate us. Our government must stop as soon as possible. Could I have been silent? I could’ve. But I’m ashamed and afraid. Know that in Russia there are many people who are against what is happening… I’m sorry…“

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