Masaba Gupta impresses with a smashing outdoor workout: ‘The aim is to get my body fat % down this month’.

Masaba Gupta has been vocal about her fitness and wellness journey on her Instagram, wherein she often shares what she eatshow she works out, and what she does to follow a holistically healthy lifestyle.

In an earlier post, Masaba had shared that “no meeting, no shoot, no event will come in the way of my morning workout. My fitness routine helps me focus so much better at work through the day and the physical strength”.

She, recently, shared yet another example of her consistency and dedication to fitness on the occasion of World Health Day, as she shared a video of her fun and challenging outdoor workout with her personal trainer.

“Happy World Health Day! Today (or any day) is a good day to start investing in the greatest gift that you’ve been given … your body!” she captioned the post.

She also elaborated a little about her workout and goals: “Changed my workout a bit, lots of conditioning, drills and the aim is to get my body fat % down this month and really shred with – what are your goals this month?” The video she posted said, “Your body is a temple, respect it and it will bless you”.

Masaba can be seen doing crunches on a pull up bar, walking weighted lunges, an endurance exercise with tennis balls, agility ladder drill with fast feet, stand ups with a dumbbells, and running in multiple directions using cones.

Her regimen works all the major muscles of the body, enhances cardiovascular activity, balance, endurance, and strength.

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