Kriti Sanon sweats it out in the gym and how.

The feeling of achieving one’s workout goals cannot be described in words. But to get there, one needs to put in a lot of hardwork and give it time. Looks like actor Kriti Sanon also believes in the same, and hence, is always at the top of her fitness game.

The Mimi actor recently shared a video of herself doing various strength exercises in the gym. “Its never too late for some Monday motivation ????????‍♂️????????,” she captioned her post. Watch.

For the unversed, strength exercises help increase the body’s metabolism and hence, burn more calories. It also not only improves one’s ability to do everyday activities better but also protects the joints from injury.

Weight training is one of the best ways to improve strength in muscle groups such as the core, legs, lower back and upper body, explained Jitendra Chouksey, founder, FITTR.

“Strength training helps in burning calories not only during your workout, but also while the body is at rest between your workout sessions. That is because the muscles need more energy to sustain as well as repair after strength training sessions. Therefore, it is an effective way to not only build lean tissue but also to achieve better fat loss, ” he said.

It is also said that one can notice improvement in the bone density, a by-product of resistance training. “More the muscle mass a person carries, better becomes the glucose storage capacity and the metabolism of the body,” said Rachit Dua, co-founder of FitPathshala, an online fitness academy.

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