ISSF Executive Committee’s decisions on 7 March 2022.

In its meeting on 7 March 2022 in Cairo, Egypt, the ISSF Executive Committee decided also on various other matters including the following:

  • To cover by the ISSF the expenses of the Organizers of 2022 ISSF Championships with regard to the required Covid-19 testing of the participants;
  • To approve the Development Fund Report for 2019-2021 pointing out its effectiveness for the support of the Member Federations, athletes and Continental Confederations;
  • To approve the Treasurer’s Report about ISSF Balances for 2020 and 2021 as well as the preliminary budget for 2022 outlining the positive balances and solid reserves;
  • To approve the nominations for ISSF Coach Pro and ISSF Coach categories done by the Member Federations;
  • To approve the schedule of the 2022 ISSF World Championship Shotgun that will take place in Osijek, Croatia, from September 22 until October 11;
  • To approve the approach to the 2023 ISSF Calendar;
  • To approve the Nominations Committee guidelines for the upcoming 2022 electoral General Assembly.
  • To establish an Ad-Hoc Committee for the realization of TV rights;
  • To support the proposal of the ISSF Athletes Committee and hold the next elections of the Athletes Committee during the 2023 ISSF World Championship All Events.

In addition, the ISSF Executive Committee has determined the date and place of this year’s ISSF General Assembly: it shall be held on 30 November 2022 in Egypt.

The ISSF Executive Committee is looking forward to hopefully see all the delegates from the ISSF Member Federations in Egypt in person!


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