Irregular bowel movements? Check out these Yoga asanas to relieve constipation.

Infrequent bowel movements or difficulty in passing stool is quite possibly one of the most exasperating things to happen to anyone. Inadequate lifestyle habits such as a hectic work schedule, eating junk food, irregular meals, less fibre intake and insufficient sleep can all lead to constipation.

While it is manageable when dealt with infrequently, a chronic case of constipation is a cause of concern. It may interfere with your ability to go about your daily tasks in an effortless way.

As such, would you like to know more about a few yoga asanas that will ensure that your bowels are functioning optimally? Recently, Ayurvedic expert and yoga instructor Dr Noopur Rohatgi took to Instagram to show 3 targeted yoga asanas that will help relieve constipation.

“Constipation can be annoying. These asanas improve digestion and improve bowel movements. Yoga and exercise along with increased water intake, increased fibre in diet and movement throughout the day will definitely help you with constipation”, Dr Rohatgi captioned the post.

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