Fitness motivation: Karishma Tanna nails these three exercise routines; check them out.

Newlywed Karishma Tanna is dedicated to fitness — her social media is proof! The actor’s fitness is inspiring and if you are looking to have that fit and active life, take a look at the combination of exercises that she tried.

The exercises she attempted are as follows:

*Knee raises

An effective workout that targets the abs and the core, knee raises are a great way for effective calorie burn.

Karishma attempted another variation of the knee raises, which are also known as single knee raises. She chose to do repetitions with a hold count in the middle. These target the core and abs as well.

*Side lateral shoulder raises

Next, she attempted side lateral shoulder raises which are beneficial for the shoulders. It improves flexibility and blood circulation.

Previously, the 38-year-old had shared another workout video on Instagram wherein she was seen attempting dumbbell curls, leg stretches, and more. Take a look at the post here.

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