Fitness alert: Effective tips to build muscle the right way.

Building muscle is not as simple as just going to the gym every day, you need to understand your body and know what you are doing,” said Dr Batul Patel, medical head – The Bombay Skin Clinic. 

As such, she shared the “main things” one must do and avoid while working to build muscle. Take a look at the suggestions below:

If you have just started with muscle building, go easy. Give your body enough time to acclimatise to the new workout. Try lifting a few different weights and do some repetitions to see how your body reacts. Once comfortable, amp it up with heavier weights and more repetitions. Remember, a workout is supposed to be challenging but not overly challenging.

???? Rest in between sets

While working out, we all want to go all out and give our absolute best. But, resting in between your workout is as important as the workout itself. Taking intervals in-between sets can improve repetitions over multiple sets, increase overall strength and even promote more muscle power.

???? Drink enough water

Water is vital to any workout. While exercising, you tend to sweat — the body’s natural way to maintain your body temperature. But this also means that you are losing fluid, so it’s important to replenish. Also, water can prevent you from getting too hot.

???? Don’ts Overdo it

You might feel compelled to go to the gym to get rid of stubborn fat. But remember, rest days are important for any workout, so don’t skip them. Instead, one can look to supplement their workout with muscle-building technologies.

???? Forget to stretch

After every workout, it is important to take five to 10 minutes to stretch. Stretching keeps muscles long, flexible, and healthy. Without stretching, you may feel sorer, delaying your return to the gym.

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