Dare To Swim Faster With SportstarZ.

During the summer holidays, SportstarZ swim camp teaches swimmers aged 8 to 21, to swim faster and finish first.

SportstarZ is now coming to the UK, as a logical step to the huge success of SportstarZ’s swim camps in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

SportstarZ’s swim camps are exclusively held at top-notch swim locations. For the UK, SportstarZ selected London Aquatics Centre and the Loughborough University Swimming Pool.

During the swim camps, the participants will receive wide-ranging technique tips from international top trainers and Team Speedo athletes.

The summer holidays are a great time to practice swimming techniques. SportstarZ’s philosophy is that correct techniques are the basis to swim faster.

Once the technique is learned, the strength and stamina can be improved at your own club to prepare for the new competition season.

SportstarZ uses the latest technologies. For example, every swimmer’s stroke is videotaped and analysed both on the water and underwater.

After the camp, all participants will receive the images with analysis and points of improvement by email.

Thus, with SportstarZ, you learn to swim faster and finish first. However, SportstarZ is more than that!

In addition to the professional swim training, together with your (new) swimming friends, we will go out and do some fun stuff. After all, it is the summer holidays. There is a super cool entertainment program in place with a lot of fun activities.

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